Travel Time Spell
To prepare for a long car trip, just before starting out smudge the
inside and outside of the car with sage or copal smoke. Imagine the
smoke penetrating the physical structure of the car, giving it extra
strength. Tell the car where you plan to travel, and ask for its
assistance in getting there in the safest, simplest manner. If you
are open, you will get an "OK" message when it's time to leave.

source unknown
Melt 1 cup of wax and add no more then ¼ cup dried aromatic herbs and as much as 15 drops of essential oil to the base. Then mold this for burning or put it in a sunny place. For magickally clearing the air, I ecommend
lemon, orange or pine.
"When it is dark enough,  you can see the stars."
Charles A. Beard
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